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A Local Leader Committed to Community
Growth and Progress

Empowering the Next Generation: Education and Leadership

In 2006, Rich put down roots in Jackson Township, where he continued to raise Tyler. His pursuit of education never stopped either. In 2011, he proudly earned a Bachelor's degree in the science of legal studies from Kaplan University, a testament to his unwavering commitment to personal growth and excellence.

Rich's professional journey led him to the dynamic world of real estate. Over the years, he has risen to become the general manager of three Keller Williams franchises. In this role, he has steered growth, managed expenses, and contributed to cultivating thriving real estate communities.

Champion of Realtors®, Advocate for Change

Rich's involvement in the local and state associations of REALTORS® speaks volumes about his dedication to his profession and his community. His journey within the Stark Trumbull Area REALTORS® showcases his commitment to meaningful change and strategic progress. As a member of various committees, including Legislative Affairs, RPAC, Bylaws/Policy/Strategic Planning, Grievance, and Professional Standards, Rich has been instrumental in shaping the ethical and political landscape of the industry.

Notably, Rich's leadership within the Stark Trumbull Area REALTORS® executive committee resulted in significant achievements. He was elected Treasurer in 2018, Vice President in 2019, and served as President from 2020 to 2021. Under his guidance, the consolidation of the association paved the way for streamlined operations, strategic planning, and innovative initiatives. Rich's adept negotiation skills brought forth partnerships with safety app FOREWARN® and strategic planning consultants from the National Association of REALTORS®, solidifying his reputation as a forward-thinking leader.

Advancing Home Ownership: Statewide Impact

Rich's contributions extend beyond local boundaries. He was selected for the Ohio REALTORS® Leadership Academy in 2017, a prestigious program that allowed him to spearhead a groundbreaking initiative. Rich and his team championed the creation of first-time homebuyers' savings accounts, a concept that gained recognition and became a reality in 2023, marking a significant step towards fostering better communities and home ownership opportunities.

His involvement with Ohio REALTORS® is equally profound. Rich has been an influential voice on the Strategic Planning Committee, contributing to the association's long-term vision and responsiveness to industry shifts. As a REALTOR® Director, he represents Ohio REALTORS® at the annual National Association of REALTORS® convention, amplifying his impact on the national stage.

Bridging Local and State: A Leader for All

In 2021, Rich's dedication was rewarded when he was elected as District Vice President for district 3, a role that resonates with his commitment to connecting local and statewide associations. As a liaison between local and state associations, Rich's mission is to ensure that the interests of his constituents are well-represented and their voices heard.

Beyond the Biography: A Passion for Progress

Beyond his achievements, Rich's life is enriched by his loving marriage, formed in 2017 and celebrated with a heartfelt ceremony at their home in 2020. Together, they enjoy exploring new horizons through travel, opening their home to friends and family, and embracing the joys of boating in Ohio's unpredictable weather.

Join the Journey: Vote for Progress

As a person deeply rooted in the community, an advocate for real estate, and a bridge-builder between local and state associations, Rich's commitment to progress and growth is undeniable. With a passion for home ownership, community building, and ethical leadership, Rich is dedicated to bringing positive change to Stark County. Join his journey and vote for a brighter future.

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Rich Cosgrove is committed to working with you to create a brighter future for our community.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference in our community.

Personal Journey: Building Homes, Nurturing Lives

Rich's story begins in Stark County, where he was born and raised. From his formative years at Avondale Elementary School to his high school graduation from Lake High School in 2000, Rich's roots have always been deeply intertwined with the local community.

After purchasing his first house in 2001, Rich's commitment to community building took a remarkable turn. He spearheaded the creation of a voluntary neighborhood association, collaborating with the Stark Community Foundation. This marked the start of his journey in real estate, a career path that would allow him to breathe life into foreclosed properties, improving the community and fostering a sense of home ownership.

In 2002, life handed Rich another role: that of a guardian. He embraced the responsibility of raising his three-year-old nephew, Tyler. Amidst these challenges, Rich's dedication to both family and community never wavered.

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