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Image by Elvis Ray

A vote for Rich is a vote for
a Stronger Jackson Township

I see a need to improve our zoning laws. With continued growth throughout the township, it is
important that we not look at just today, but rather what we want our community to look like in 5, 10,
15 or even 50 years in the future. It is not just a saying, it’s the truth, Jackson Township is a great place
to live and work.

The current comprehensive plan was completed in 2006. The plan was forecast for 20 years and as it
states is really most accurate in the first 5 years and should be revisited every 5 years. We have seen a
lot of growth in residential and commercial building as well as population since 2006. With over 40,000
residents, Jackson Township is in the top 10 largest townships in the state. It is time to revisit the plan
and look at updating it to carry us into the future.

We have many buildings throughout the township that are vacant and some are so large, living in a post
Covid 19 world, we may never see filled again as they were previous. What are we going to do with
these buildings? I would like to see us introduce mixed use zoning. This would allow for buildings to be
used for commercial, retail, and or residential usage rather than just one use. Of course, the zoning
would need to make sense for the location of the building.

The zoning department offers a zoning inspector, an assistant zoning inspector, the zoning board and
board of zoning appeals. In order to help with planning for the future, it would be great to have an
additional person who has the education and background to help the township plan for the future
growth and see problems before they present themselves years down the road.

One of the top item’s residents are looking for is more green space. This hasn’t changed since the 2006
comprehensive plan. I would like to see the township develop a plan to be in a position to purchase land
when it comes up for sale to hold and develop into green space for residents to use. Some land may
even be purchased to plan for future retail, residential, or commercial development. We may need to
think outside the box to achieve such a goal.

Seeking additional revenue sources for the township rather than just relying on levies and taxes can
provide the township with many opportunities. Jackson Township is in good shape overall. It is
important to maintain financial strength, smart growth, and the best safety services for our residents.

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